24*7 emergency area
  • Emergency
  • Critical Care
  • NICU
  • Diagnostics
  • Ambulance Services
  • Pharmacy

Welcome to Iris Multispecialty Hospital

  •  welcome to iris hospital

    About Iris

    IRIS is a multi-specialty hospital, equipped to offer cutting-edge medical facilities.

  • 24x7 Emergency & trauma care, ambulance, 24x7 pharmacy

    Our Specialities

    24x7 Emergency & trauma care, ambulance, 24x7 pharmacy, advanced State-of-the-art emergency care.

  • Facilities


    • 180 beds
    • Modern Nursery & NICU
    • HDU Beds
    • ICU Beds

  • Patient Info

    Patient Info

    Comprehensive & Cost Effective Care, Patient Friendly Processes, State-of-the-art Facilities.


Our Services

  • 24x7 Emergency Care

    24x7 Emergency Care

    1. Dedicated Emergency Medical Team
    2. Critical Care Round The Clock
    3. Diagnostic Services
    4. Ambulance Services
  • Modern OTs

    Modern OTs

    1. Best Surface for Sterilized Condition
    2. Laminar Flow
    3. HEPA Filtered Air Handling
    4. C Arm
    5. Operating Microscope
  • NICU


    1. 24x7 Neonatologist
    2. Warmers
    3. Phototherapy Units
    4. Best-in-class Ventilators
    5. Bubble CPAP
  • Dialysis Unit

    Dialysis Unit

    1. Under Strict Supervision of our Nephrologist
    2. Fully Automatic Dialysis Process
  • Nursery


    1. Modern Baby Stations
    2. Ergonomically Designed
    3. Ambulatory
    4. Higher Height
    5. Vertically Stabilized
    6. Portable Incubater
  • MRI


    1. Philips 1.5 Tesla (best in the range)
    2. Digital Clarity & Speed
    3. Same Day Reporting
  • Pathology (24x7)

    Pathology (24x7)

    1. Fully automated and computerized laboratory
    2. Biochemistry
    3. Haematology
    4. Microbiology
    5. Clinical pathology
    6. Serology
    7. Histopathology
    8. Various other test profiles
  • Pharmacy (24x7)

    Pharmacy (24x7)

    1. Ensure error free prescriptions handling
    2. Taking patient drug histories for better decision-making
    3. Help patients handle problems experienced when taking their medicines
    4. Explaining dosage schedule to patients' relatives
    5. Answering queries about medicines

I have been a patient in several hospitals, and attended many departments, and I have to say that Iris Hospital Service comes top in my opinion, for care and consideration. This includes all doctors and nurses in the hospital. I would again like to thank you all and say your department has a wonderful team.

Mr. Arnab Pandey, Retail Business Head, Turtle Ltd.